Outcome of Rebranding Bounty


The team reviewed all bounty submissions, but there was no single name that clearly stood out. The Bitsquare bounty of 0.5 bitcoin will be distributed to those with best contributions.


We recently announced that Bitsquare is rebranding. Finding a new name is a challenging task, so the team offered a bounty to get some inspiration from the growing community. The rules of the bounty were introduced in the official forum of Bitsquare, where community members could make proposals for new brand name. If a given proposal ends up being selected by the team, the respective person will receive 0.5 bitcoin. In case none of the proposed names are selected, there is no winner to claim the bounty of 0.5 BTC. However, due to the active engagement by the community, we promised that in the event of no winner, the bounty will still be distributed to those who offered the best contributions towards finding a new name.


The bounty ran for more than 5 weeks and ended on February 20. We counted more than 2000 unique proposals from a total of 266 users. The team reviewed all proposals, but none of them really stood out as a clear winner. So as promised, Manfred will distribute the bounty of 0.5 bitcoin to those users, who we believe offered the best contributions.

Selection process

Each member of the core team put forth their selection of “best” proposals from those offered by the community. This process resulted in a short list of good names. For each of those names we listed the user who first proposed it and found out that three users appeared multiple times. We decided that those users deserve to receive part of the bounty, as they have proposed multiple high-quality names. Two more users stood out with their alternative contributions – valuable discussion and constructive feedback, both of which are helpful in the search of a new brand name.


The team selected the following winners (listed here in alphabetical order):

  • dsteam – for offering 9 names the team evaluated as good
  • FreepWho – for active participation in the forum, for offering constructive feedback and for posting -good motivation for his/her proposals
  • mirelo – for offering 6 good names, plus motivating his/her proposals
  • spoken – for offering 11 names that were very close to being selected
  • vieuxvicq – for offering high-quality constructive feedback and valuable discussion silverback – for proposing Bisqui, for being active in the forum and for motivating his/her proposals

These users should contact Manfred, stating their Bitcoin address, in order to receive their share of the bounty: 0.1 BTC each. Nevertheless, we thank everyone who contributed in the forum for their desire to help the team!

New brand name

The team has stopped on a new brand name that at this point will not be disclosed. The reasons for this are several: checking with lawyers for any potential conflicts, securing domain names, changing slogan and name of DAO tokens, etc. All these need to be settled before we are comfortable disclosing the new name. We hope to complete this shortly.

Thank you once again to those who participated in the bounty hunt! Keep an eye on this space for the announcement of the new brand name.

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