New team members

Good news! Bitsquare is expanding: Amanda Johnson and Mihail Mihaylov were delighted to join our team.

Amanda B. Johnson is well known to readers of Cointelegraph and Bitcoin magazine. She has a strong focus on privacy and fits great to our team with a good taste to cover political topics. She will take care to communicate the ideas of Bitsquare to a wider audience and help us to gain traction once we launch our Beta release.

Mihail Mihaylov is a Bitsquare contributor from the very early days on. He is the organizer of Barcelona Bitcoin Community, which is of the fastest growing Bitcoin Meetups worldwide. He is working as a research scientist in the Internet of Things and the Smart Grid environments and his academic research has always circuited around the field of decentalization. He will take care of the arbitration system, help to communicate the concept and guide the arbitrators in the first few months until we have a fully decentralized solution implemented.

We also want to add a bit of background information about our recently joined team members: Mats-Erik Pistol and Thomas Bocek.

Mats-Erik Pistol is a scientist in the field of Semiconductor physics at the Lund University in Sweden. He followed Bitsquare from the very first days on and is a great advisor for discussing things beyond code and day to day work. He demonstrated great support in the days when the project nearly fell apart after the failed crowndfunding campaign in February.

Thomas Bocek is the author of TomP2P, the P2P network library which serves as backbone of Bitsquare. He teaches distributed and Peer-to-Peer Systems at the University of Zurich. We are happy that we were able to get the best candidate to help us make the P2P network stable and safe for real life usage with the heavy burden of financial transactions.

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