Bisq DAO Cycle 8

The figures on this page are compiled from data files generated by the Bisq software. You can verify everything yourself by running these scripts on GitHub.

Cycle Started19 Nov 2019 / Block 604507

Cycle Ended21 Dec 2019 / Block 609186

Supply Change+ 71,576

Governance33 of 37 proposals accepted

Network Funds Transfers

BSQ Amount # of transactions
 Proof-of-burn¹ 66,000 2
 Trading fees² 13,449 2,150
 Asset listing fees 134 4
 Compensation request fees 68 34
 Blind vote fees 60 30
 Proposal fees 6 3
Total Burn 79,717 2,394
 Compensation³ 151,293
 Reimbursements⁴ 0
Total Issuance 151,293
Net BSQ Supply Change⁵ +71,576

¹ Proof-of-burn includes trading fees paid in BTC and disputed BTC deposits for trades that went to arbitration (see docs for more details). Funds may be accrued and burned in different cycles, so proof-of-burn figures do not map directly to activity in their cycles.

² BSQ trading fees only. BTC trading fees are included in proof-of-burn.

³ See more details on GitHub.

⁴ Over time, the net impact of reimbursement issuances on BSQ supply is close to zero, as corresponding amounts of BTC are burned through proof-of-burn (see docs for more details).

⁵ Decreases in BSQ supply are good.


Parameter change proposal for RECIPIENT_BTC_ADDRESS


Generic proposal


This proposal seeks to add Italian as a main language.

User RiccardoMasutti has contributed to Bisq and a number of other Bitcoin projects for a while now, and made this proposal to make the Bisq software, website, and selected video subtitles available in Italian to try capturing a bigger Italian user base through his speaking and other Bitcoin education efforts.

Although the proposal was approved, it’s unclear when (or if) it will be fulfilled, as budgeting guidelines (currently in progress) don’t allow very much funding for translations.

Bonded role proposal for BTC_DONATION_ADDRESS_OWNER


This BONDED_ROLE proposal, in conjunction with the RECIPIENT_BTC_ADDRESS parameter change, changes the owner of the Bisq donation address.

The new owner’s 50 000 BSQ bond was locked upon the close of Cycle 8.


This was the first cycle in which the burningman used acccrued BTC funds to buy and burn BSQ, per the new trade protocol introduced in v1.2.

High BSQ issuance in the face of anemic trading volume resulted in a relatively big increase in BSQ supply during the cycle, a problem that aggravated the BSQ market.

As of the end of Cycle 8, BSQ was trading at about 9200 satoshis/BSQ, which was about $0.66 at the time (BSQ had been holding in the $0.80-1.00 range for much of the year). Since then the price has dropped quite a bit more, with many trades in the 3000-6000 satoshis/BSQ range. The bitcoin-USD rate has jumped over 20% since Cycle 8 ended, which has somewhat dampened the effect of the nominal price drop, but the real drop in BSQ price is still significant.

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