Bisq DAO Cycle 10

The figures on this page are compiled from data files generated by the Bisq software. You can verify everything yourself by running these scripts on GitHub.

Cycle Started21 Jan 2020 / Block 613867

Cycle Ended22 Feb 2020 / Block 618546

Supply Change+ 29,241

Governance26 of 31 proposals accepted

Network Funds Transfers

BSQ Amount # of transactions
 Proof-of-burn¹ 39,500 4
 Trading fees² 13,161 2,804
 Asset listing fees 60 2
 Compensation request fees 50 25
 Blind vote fees 36 18
 Proposal fees 12 6
Total Burn 52,819 3,110
 Compensation³ 82,060
 Reimbursements⁴ 0
Total Issuance 82,060
Net BSQ Supply Change⁵ +29,241

¹ Proof-of-burn includes trading fees paid in BTC and disputed BTC deposits for trades that went to arbitration (see docs for more details). Funds may be accrued and burned in different cycles, so proof-of-burn figures do not map directly to activity in their cycles.

² BSQ trading fees only. BTC trading fees are included in proof-of-burn.

³ See more details on GitHub.

⁴ Over time, the net impact of reimbursement issuances on BSQ supply is close to zero, as corresponding amounts of BTC are burned through proof-of-burn (see docs for more details).

⁵ Decreases in BSQ supply are good.


Parameter change proposal for DEFAULT_MAKER_FEE_BSQ


Parameter change proposal for DEFAULT_TAKER_FEE_BSQ


Bonded role proposal for BTC_NODE_OPERATOR


Bonded role proposal for TWITTER_ADMIN


Bonded role proposal for SEED_NODE_OPERATOR


Bonded role proposal for MARKETS_OPERATOR



Cycle 10 was a transitional cycle for the Bisq DAO as it implements a new management structure and budgets discussed in this post. Teams were established for core functions, teams began executing on top project priorities, and core administrative processes like compensation request reviews were overhauled.

A budget of 60,000 USD was established for the whole project, each team has a monthly allotment, and guidelines are being put in place across teams to adhere to their allotments.

More work on this transition continues into Cycle 11. Notable items in progress are a new project management process and rolling out the Bisq wiki (which will ultimately replace the existing docs website).

Issuance in this cycle included a one-time charge of 44,776 BSQ for the Bitcoin 2020 conference presence. This expense was budgeted for growth as a monthly expense but charged at once in Cycle 10 because there was enough room in the budget to reimburse the contributor who fronted the money.

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