Bisq is an international volunteer project dedicated to building free and open source software that facilitates decentralized peer-to-peer exchange of bitcoin for other units of exchange, such as national currencies.

Decisions are made by a core team composed of the people making the most significant and continuous contributions to the project. Core team members are unified by their belief in the project’s ideological mission to create technology that decentralizes power and supports individual privacy.

Our operations are regulated and governed by the dictates of radical transparency and enforced by the mathematical properties of cryptography. Bitcoins obtained as part of our crowdfunding efforts will be controlled by a bitcoin multisignature (multisig) wallet with signatures of minimum 3 keyholders required to spend funds. The project’s multisig wallet will be created with public keys controlled by core team members publicly identified on our website.

The initial core team will work to formalize our organizational structure, governance and best practices and make decisions about distributing funds from the crowdfunding wallet.

Significant organizational decisions and fund distributions will be published on our webpage. Funds will be distributed to pay for project expenses such as infrastructure and living stipends for contributors who dedicate significant time to the project. Furthermore we put a part aside for legal advice and for a legal provision fund. The details will be published on our finances page.

To avoid risks due bitcoin price volatility we will diversify the funds and publish the decision how we do that on our finances page.