The messages of our supporters

Pledge Name Message
1 dexx One of the most exciting projects I recently saw. Good job! 🙂
0,6 invertedNormal Repledged more as promised. Hope this succeeds!
0,23125765 Ivor Thomas Good luck. This type of project along with Open Bazaar and other censorship resistant projects is just so critical for our future well being.
0,17543859 hopey Why minimum amount of 0.175BTC?
1,01 koosies
0,20001 Devon Good luck.
7,5 Mats-Erik Pistol My contribution to P2P-technology.
0,17543859 Andy Let’s keep decentralizing!
0,21768471 KR
0,22986 Anonymous Good luck!
3,03629 Arthur Falls I hope this helps guys. Regardless of the outcome of this fundraiser I’ll do everything I can to make the Bisq vision a reality. Keep being awesome!
0,2 Linas Good luck! =]
0,2001 Joe Schmid Happy to support this important project!
11,72537 Looking forward to seeing v0.2 of Bisq!
0,2 Make it happen!
0,2 Rogier Eijkelhof (BitKassa) Awesome initiative I hope BitSquare will help us getting rid of trust-dependent regulatory-hindered and security-sensitive exchanges ASAP!
0,19999 Lukas Great idea!
0,2 stan Are we nearly there yet? 🙂
0,2 Great project.
0,3 tim good luck great initative!
0,2 cheers.
0,19999 ulrichard A feature to advertise in person trades would be nice.
1 The community really needs this. Also need CoinShuffle or some other privacy related layer/software. If anybody knows of a lighthouse project that is trying to implement CoinShuffle let me know.
0,64 Michael Z Worthy project excited to see this happen.
1,00001 shano from shanomag
0,50082975 Aleix From Barcelona with love 🙂 Keep the good work!
0,5432 Digital Nomad
0,17543859 8lemonade
0,17543859 WoSmo
0,19999 Anonymous Let’s get this bitch decentralized!
0,17543859 betterlife good work!
0,2 Jonathan Harms I really support services as desktop apps!
1,00998 Marc Let’s get this show on the road:)
0,17552859 5tu Good luck!
0,21771542 Mike Taylor
5 Chris Rico
0,19999 Yus!
10 Olivier Janssens Let’s do this 🙂
0,25 An0n1m0us Go bitsquare!
0,17543859 Trust without law Cooperation without coercion Progress without exploitation.
0,2 Paul Troon Decentralize Everything!
1 Mike Hearn BitSquare is a radical and ambitious take on what a decentralised exchange can look like. And it’s written in a similar style to Lighthouse so if you like this app you might like BitSquare too 🙂