With Bisq we try to keep our expenses down! Our main expense is the time of our DAO and that isn’t reflected in the figures below but future payments to developers from the crowdfunding fund will be listed here as well. This page keeps track of hard costs that have been incurred to date. Due to the distributed nature of our team the expenses are in various currencies.


Description Cost domain (2 Years) 118.00 USD
Vimeo plus account (1 Year) 49.95 EUR
Digital Ocean Server (starting February 22, 2014, price per month) 5.00 USD
Mumble Server to Team Meetings (starting November 26, 2014, 2 months) 1.30 USD
MigrationWiz to move email accounts from one server to another (November 26, 2014) 35.97 USD
Name Cheap Hosting including domain (1 Year from November 1, 2014) 32.35 USD
Shutterstock 5 image package 47.19 EUR
HuBoard GitHub Issues prioritization tool (2 months) 24.00 USD
Apple macOS developer certificate for code signing (1 year) 99.00 EUR

We have paid out on March 7th, 2015 the funds of all 3 donation addresses to cover expenses and development efforts.

Are you in a position to help us with our expenses? Please consider contributing with a donation.

Donation addresses used so far: