Bisq DAO Cycle 15: Results

This post summarizes the results of Cycle 15 of the Bisq DAO.


  • Cycle took place between blocks 637,267 and 641,946
    • Calendar dates: 07/01/2020 - 08/02/2020
  • 33 proposals
    • 2 generic proposals
    • 2 proposals to change a parameter
    • 4 reimbursement proposals
    • 25 compensation requests
  • 368 votes cast
  • 61,566.31 BSQ issued for compensation (169,784.38 BSQ was issued in total, of which 80,284.40 was for reimbursing an arbitrator and 27,933.67 was for a user-initiated reimbursement)
  • 7,962.94 BSQ was burned through fees (72,062.94 BSQ was burned in total, of which 64,000 was from proof-of-burn transactions that consisted of BTC trading fees and deposits from arbitrated trades)

Please note that the proof-of-burn transactions and arbitrator reimbursements do not map neatly to DAO cycles, meaning that some of the funds involved with these issuances (and burns) are from previous cycles.

Compensation by function:

Dev Growth Ops Support Admin Total BSQ
28,737 7,351 13,167 12,002 307 61,566

See more details by browsing the compensation requests on GitHub.

Proposal Details

Migrate the Bisq Markets API service to the domain name

Generic proposal (link)


This proposal approved the migration of the Bisq markets API from the domain to a new domain to improve decentralization of the ownership of key Bisq domain names. This development sparked the start of a new project to revamp the markets website as a dashboard for market activity and DAO reporting.

Update BSQ fees

Parameter change proposal (link)


This proposal changed the BSQ maker and taker fees in accordance with the convention to keep BSQ fees at 50% of BTC fees.

Reinstate BCH trading on Bisq

Generic proposal (link)


The DAO overwhelmingly rejected this proposal, with similar decisiveness as the rejection of BCH the first time. The proposal garnered 531,331.83 BSQ of voting weight, but only 0.01% of it was in favor.

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